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ALMA discovery of a rotating SO/SO2 flow in HH212. A possible MHD disk wind ?

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Authors : B. Tabone, S. Cabrit, E. Bianchi, J. Ferreira, G. Pineau des Forêts, C. Codella, A. Gusdorf, F. Gueth, L. Podio, E. Chapillon
Abstract : We wish to constrain the possible contribution of a magnetohydrodynamic disk wind (DW) to the HH212 molecular jet. We mapped the flow base with ALMA Cycle 4 at 0.13"$\sim$ 60 au resolution and compared these observations with synthetic DW predictions. We identified, in SO/SO$_2$, a rotating flow that is wider and slower than the axial SiO jet. The broad outflow cavity seen in C$^34$S is not carved by a fast wide-angle wind but by this slower agent. Rotation signatures may be fitted by a DW of a moderate lever arm launched out to $\sim$ 40 au with SiO tracing dust-free streamlines from 0.05-0.3 au. Such a DW could limit the core-to-star efficiency to $\leq$50%.
Journal ; Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters A&A