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- Ecole d’été virtuelle The Interstellar Medium of galaxies from the Epoch of Reionization to the Milky Way du 12 au 23 juillet 2021

This international school will offer an overview of the observational constraints, the interpretative tools and the theoretical frameworks used for studying the interstellar medium in galaxies from the epoch of reionization to contemporary Universe. Furthermore, it aims to build a synergy between the Galactic and extragalactic ISM communities. Time will be devoted to discussion between participants and lecturers, with the hope of kick-starting original projects.

The current and future generations of instruments allow us to observe galaxies with spatial resolutions and sensitivities that could be achieved only in the Milky Way a mere decade ago. In addition, extragalactic environments, through the diversity of their physical conditions (metallicity, star formation activity, presence of an AGN, etc.), provide laboratories to benchmark gas and dust models across a wider range of parameters than can be accessed in the Milky Way. Finally, progress in data analysis (machine-learning and big data approaches) are progressively revolutionizing science. This school aims to prepare the next generation of astronomers for future paradigm shifts in our understanding of interstellar matter through cosmic time.

— > see the website for more information : https://ismgalaxies2021.sciencesconf.org/